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“Our desire is to offer you jewelry that can be touched, worn, passed on. They will be the companions of your life and your daily life.
We have made it our mission to provide you with maximum transparency on our manufacturing process and our sourcing.
Embodying beauty through goodness is giving luxury back its nobility."

Our know-how & commitments

We manufacture durable and precious jewelry , with guaranteed ethical and ecological commitments and recognized know-how 100% made in France.

We guarantee responsible and virtuous sourcing, French manufacturing and durability thanks to much higher galvanization than “gold plating”. The galvanization of our jewelry is guaranteed for one year.


925 silver 100% recycled and reachable

We are committed to guaranteeing 100% recycled silver without any mining.

All our collections are made with silver chosen by us from a source in Italy. It is 100% recycled and comes from a supply chain controlled and certified by the Responsible Jewelery Council's Chain of Custody. This double certification is the only one that exists to date to guarantee the origin of the silver. This silver meets European REACH standards. It is cadnium-free, nickel-free and lead-free.


100% French manufacturing

Our jewelry was designed in Montreuil and is entirely made near Tours in our craftsman's workshop.

The jewelry is made using the lost wax casting technique, a technique that allows you to create a mold and mass-produce the castings.


Galvanizing 18-carat gold vermeil in Paris

Galvanizing; it is the act of applying a layer of gold to silver jewelry by electrolysis, by immersing them in gold baths.

What is vermilion?

Vermeil is a precious and hypoallergenic metal invented by the Incas.

It is defined by the composition of the base jewel, 925 silver, and the thickness of gold on top of the jewel, 5 microns.

The thickness of the vermeil is 10 times greater than the designation "gilded with fine gold"

And 1.5 more important than the name "gold plated".

The galvanization of the vermeil is carried out in Paris, a thickness of 5 microns of 18-carat gold is applied to the jewelry.

It gives the jewelry great longevity.

The hallmarks

Silver being a precious metal, all our jewelry will be hallmarked with 2 hallmarks:

-The 925 title hallmark: indicates the percentage of silver. Silver in its pure state is a very soft metal and is not usable for jewelry. In France, the silver commonly used for silver jewelry is 925 silver, which means 92.5% silver and the rest copper.

-the master's mark: also called the goldsmith's mark is that of the craftsman.

Eco-designed packaging

The packaging is made from FSC cardboard. The FSC® brand guarantees that all materials come from an FSC® forest, in which no more trees are cut down than the forest can reproduce. This means better protection of wildlife, and that all foresters receive proper training, safety equipment and a decent salary.


Available for pre-order

In order to have reasonable production and avoid overproduction, we are launching all our collections for pre-order at an attractive price. We then offer these collections as a permanent collection.