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How to choose the right astrological medal?

At the heart of the history of ancient jewelry are treasures that have spanned the ages, medals.
These talismans are the very first jewelry worn by humanity, around 75,000 BC.
They were then pierced shells intended to protect their owners.
These artifacts charged with mystery and power continue to exert their influence on those who wear them.
Even today, medals are more than ever personal jewels, intimate and connected links to the person who wears them.

Astrological medals, a specialty of LAH Paris

For LAH, we wanted to get back to the essence of the medal.

A true lucky charm, the Astres medals have a round design with a signature, that of the eight-shaped buckle, which surrounds the medal and serves as a link and bail.

The oversized bail allows the medal to be worn around the neck with a ribbon, personal chain or cord.

Inspired by the classic iconography of astrological medals , “the stars” have been modernized!

The signs are represented by female characters.

From January 21 to February 19


An air sign, Aquarius is the freest sign of the zodiac.

Aquarius, you are deeply free and creative beings, who hate the pre-established order and will find solutions in sideways paths, deploying their unique sensitivity to imagine the concepts of tomorrow.

The representation of the sign Aquarius "a jug pouring water" calls upon the movement of water, its current which is renewed and which can also freeze or evaporate.

From February 20 and March 20


Fish friends, if you were...
A film would be “the science of dreams”
One song, all songs starting with dream: "dream is my reality", sweet dreams by eurythmics, "dream" by Jain
A flower, the rose of infinite love
A quality, intuition
A fault, the escape (from conflict)
An element, water
one word, imagination

You have understood it, Pisces friends, you are imaginative, intuitive, emphatic, dreamers, and idealistic people in love

From March 21 and April 20


It is the very first sign of the zodiac, associated with renewal, with notions of energy and movement. Aries, you are driven by a vital impulse which translates into extreme enthusiasm and an iron will.

You bring color and life into the existence of your fellow human beings. Intelligent, go-getter, independent, energetic, many superlatives for this sign driven by a natural aura and a crazy drive.

You are not afraid to stand up for the weak and go on adventures.

From April 21 to May 20


Portrait of her astrological sign by Sylviane Degunst, author.

“The bull stopped dead in the middle of the arena, then, slowly, advanced to the stands, seeming to fix a precise point in the crowd of spectators.

His nostrils flared at a regular rhythm, and that point that he never took his eyes off of was me.

I was 5 years old. Dressed in my favorite dress, cherry poplin with white polka dots, I no longer dared to breathe or blink. Dad told me that the color red irritated the bulls.

The clamor had stopped and the matador tried to call the powerful horned beast, with its shiny black coat, back to the center of the arena, by twirling his blood-red cape.

We looked at each other, the animal and me, intensely.

As if we had been friends since the dawn of time. Mom dragged me out of the stands before the killing."

From May 21 to June 21


1st air sign, in transition between spring and summer, Gemini is always on the move.

Connected to the present moment, enthusiastic, spontaneous, magnetic, you like to be surrounded. You are also free people, who love everything without getting attached.

Gemini is a dual sign, which makes you rich, adaptable and very intuitive personalities. Some say that it is essential to have a Gemini in your life.

From June 22 and July 23


From the sign of Cancer, you are a personality always on the crest of emotions.

You never lack courage, but often a little confidence. You are serious, hardworking, conscientious and know how to show an infectious joy of life as soon as you feel confident.

From July 24 to August 23


Leos, you are passionate, creative, elegant, intense and generally extroverted beings. You also have unfailing inner strength.

Leos assume their responsibility with assurance, dignity and know-how, even if they have the big heart of a child. Fire is the element of the natives of this sign; located at the level of the heart, generosity and valor are their characteristics.

You are the sun kings-queens of the zodiac.

From August 24 to September 23


Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, your sign is known for its analytical, methodical and perfectionist nature.

You are practical and pragmatic, attentive to details and concerned about the quality of their work.

You have great observation skills and strong intuition, which makes you excellent at solving problems and finding effective solutions.

Your sign is also linked to health and well-being, and you often have a holistic approach to their own and others' well-being.

From September 24 to October 23


“My heart swings” could be the motto of people of this sign.

Ruled by Venus, planet of love.

We realize this very quickly because, if we know how to listen to you, that's all you talk about.

From October 24 to November 22


Charismatic and stubborn, Scorpio, you enjoy life to the fullest and say what you think bluntly.

At the risk of confusing your friends, your family, your other half!

Water sign, you feel the slightest emotion with great intensity

From November 22 to December 21


Julie Patriat, astrologer, did us the honor of portraying this sign.
“It is the sign of enthusiasm, optimism, communicative energy.

Upright, determined, serious, he knows how to give direction to his life. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of excess infatuation and luck, Sagittarius needs to give a purpose to his life. Always further says Sagittarius. It is a sign in search of ideals, driven by belief and spirituality, with a great need for freedom. He loves wide open spaces, long journeys and needs to escape spiritually or physically. It is the most independent sign of the zodiac.
It is a mutable and dual sign. There is the fiery, energetic horse that nothing stops, which rushes without thinking, gives everything, gets carried away, rushes and then, there is the archer, the thinker, the man, the conscience, who stops, asks him to look back and account for his actions. Then the impetuous Sagittarius settles down, calms down and suffers a setback, drops in tension, awareness. It therefore goes through up and down periods. Sagittarius represents the higher consciousness of things. Consequently he tends to know everything, knows everything and can feel superior to others, with a principled, rigid or moralizing side. Sagittarius expresses themselves through words but is afraid of judgment and what people will say and has a strong need for recognition.

Excessive, Sagittarius gets carried away and loves madly, without limits. Warm and generous, it symbolizes union and marriage. Let's unite, says Sagittarius. Although independent, he cannot live without formalizing a relationship that he tends to embellish or idealize. Like any fire sign, he gets carried away regularly and he will have to curb his regular crushes. He will need to find a partner who accepts his need for freedom.(...)"

From December 22 to January 20


Portrait in 8 points by Lorea Devos, founder of

“1. Its colors: black, white, beige, gray, taupe and earth colors.
2. Its metal: lead.
3. Its element: Earth.
4. Its flowers: all kinds of ivy and wild pansies.
5. Its ruling planet: Saturn.
6. His birthstones: onyx allows him to thwart bad vibes, attracts him luck and lucky helping hands from destiny. smoky quartz will encourage him to become aware of his spiritual and creative dimension.
7. His greatest weaknesses: money, because he has a visceral fear of running out of it. If he does not resolve this fear, his life will generate moments of debacles disturbing enough to make him understand that even if he lost everything, he came out well.
8. His greatest quality: His perseverance! A little stubborn, certainly, but when he sets to work with a good heart, things happen! »